• Oenosan is the  ideal lime fertilizer to bridge drought periods and protects your crops from climate stress and climate shift.
  • Oenosan reduces water requirement of plants and trees up to 70% 
  • Oenosan fertilizer reduce the failure of new planting up to 90%
  • Increase of resistance to diseases, fungi and insects
  • Think of soil impoverishment due to over-fertilization, and a decrease in resistance due to excessive use of N-P-K, pesticides and herbicides.
  • No phyto license means no toxicity, thus no danger for the farmer
  • The optimal vegetative cycle also ensures a perfect crossover of energy from leaf to fruit.
  • Better organoleptic characteristics bring more color and flavor.
  • Even the shelf life of the fruits increases due to a high proportion of free sulfur dioxide. We speak of at least 30%!
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oenosan 1 kg bio lime fertilizer

Remineralizing The Earth

For more than 15 years, we at Oenosan  campaigned for the remineralization of the world’s soils. Soil and climate issues lead us to the development of Oenosan. After years of testing on a local and global scale, the results are mesmerizing. Next to remineralization we are in urgent need to reforest the planet in order to return atmospheric carbon dioxide to a normal level near 280 ppm. Our goal is simple… save our planet ecosystem. 

Oenosan, notre engrais certifié biologique à base de chaux , aide à lutter contre la sécheresse dues au stress climatique. Oenosan est une solution durable pour l'environnement avec des effets à long terme qui sont scientifiquement prouvés. Notre engrais aide les agriculteurs mais aussi les jardiniers à lutter contre le stress thermique grâce à ses multiples capacités d'amendement organique des sols. Ce produit est 100% naturel à base de carbonate de calcium micronisé et apporte tout ce dont les plantes ont besoin. Ses capacités d'économie d'eau permettent de pallier les dégâts dus à la sécheresse et au gel.

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Convert to sustainable agriculture

Oenosan: Your solution for organic farming

Primary benefits:

  • Rebalances the soil pH.
  • Increases the nutrient intake of plants.
  • Provides natural release of elements and trace minerals.
  • Increases resistance to insects, diseases, frost and drought.
  • Increases yields
  • Enhances flavors in crops.
  • Results in a greater nutritive value.
  • Helps to builds humus complex.
  • Prevents soil erosion.
  • Decreases dependence on fertilizers, pesticides and herbicides.

Oenosan activates the immune system and builds up optimal resistance to diseases and helps to fight invaders.

In contradiction to mammals, plants misses mobile defenders to protect their cells. Plants also lack a corporal adaptive immune system. Instead plants rely on their natural inborn immunity of each cell. Oenosan is more than a organic fertilizer, it helps plants to boost their immune system, protecting them from pathogenic fungi and other symbiotic organisms and diseases.

You can always learn more about plant immune systems in this article in Nature.