Dosage - Quantity

In order for the product to penetrate through the stomata, Oenosan must be dissolved with water in a specific ratio so that a sprayable suspension is obtained. The best results are obtained with rainwater or water from a nearby river. Our product was calibrated for an acidity (pH value of water) of 7.2. If the pH falls below 5.5, a product to adjust the acidity should be considered to be used. Contact us if you need advice. The ratio of the product to water varies from 600 g/ha per application for drought and heat stress problems up to 1.6 kg/ha for resistance build-up during adverse weather conditions. Oenosan has not been tested at doses greater than 2.5 kg/ ha/ 14 days.

Directly on the ground or in the soil.
Used as soil enrichment or to restore microbiology and pH balance.

200g per 100L soil (spread directly on capillaries or in the planting hole)

Watch out!
(Do not mix with other foliar fertilizers and/or phytopharmaceuticals)

oenosan calcium carbonate


Dosage - Quantity - Frequency and Period of Application

Spray instructions for Oenosan

Compatibility of Oenosan with Fungicides

Transition from n-p-k Farming to Organic Farming

In order to be fully informed about how to use Oenosan and why to use Oenosan, please download our user manual in pdf, here or above.