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starflower borage fields with Oenosan

Borage plant frost protected by Oenosan

Borage plant frost protected by Oenosan

Borage or Borago officinalis is an annual flowering plant. Borage is a herb native to the mediterranean region but nowadays it is found all over Europe from Denmark to the south of France. Its a self seeding plant and the leaves are edible. The plant has many useful characteristics and therefore it’s commercial cultivated; eg. Borage seed oil.

Cultivating Borage with Oenosan.

As we will describe, Borage has many advantages and is therefore frequently used in many traditional applications. We at the office have some starflower plants, the alternative name for Borage. Naturally we treated our plant with our own product, Oenosan Lime fertilizer. One of the advantage next to the ability to boost the plant immunity, Oenosan protects also against light frost. This year, our starflower plants kept on flowering and past the winter without damage. This is good news for all cultivators producing Borage for the food and health industry.

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Characteristics and uses

By history, borage was used in culinary and medical uses, present it’s mainly cultivated as an oilseed. It can be used for food dishes, somewhat tasting cucumber-like, as well fresh or as a dried herb. The flower is more sweetly tasting and used in desserts or cocktails. Eg. In Liguria, Italy, starflower is used as a ravioli pasta filling.

As a herbal medicine it is beneficiary for gastrointestinal and cardiovascular disorders. Borage is a relieve when suffering from colic, cramps or diarrhea, when you are in need of a blood purifier and when having problems with kidneys and or bladder disorders.

Borage, a little helper to keep in mind.

Keep also in mind that when you intend to saw borage, it needs a soil witch is well-drained and has a neutral PH. Since we know that Oenosan helps to obtain a neutral PH soil composition, we advise to treat your soil with Oenosan.

Starflower @ the office, photo taken on 20th of March