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oenosan vineyard frost protection

Oenosan protect vineyards against frost

How to protect vines from late frosts?

Late frost are very often a disaster for winegrowers when they are not prepared correctly. Normally vines can withstand frost well. Only, the natural protection disappears when the plant produces new shoots. After all, the plant needs all its energy and attention to bring this process to a successful conclusion. If the vineyard is located in an area where there is a real risk of late night frost, then u better take the necessary measures. Many winegrowers in France use fire pits… this brings a solution a gives nices images at night but be honest, wood is now very expensive and what about the environment? Lucky Oenosan brings a solution for late frost too.

Oenosan your partner in organic fertilizer.

Oenosan is, thanks to its nanotechnology, extremely suitable for preventing damage caused by late night frost. These frosts usually occur in the spring, late March, early April. Vineyards in France increasingly have to deal with this phenomenon. We have seen more and more los due to late night frost in recent years. Again a good reason to use Oenosan.

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