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How to test Oenosan fertilizer yourself

How to test the bio fertilizer Oenosan

Testing Experiment with Bio Fertilizer Oenosan: 4 Basil pots bought in a regular shop

Basil is a warm-weather mediterranean plant. Basil grows well on warm soils but likes more places partly in shaded area. It is well know in Italian cuisine like the use of pesto and as an aromatic herb on fresh tomatoes.   

We treated 4 basil plants differently with Oenosan as a fertilizer test.

  • Basil plant nr 1 and 2 were not treated at all.
  • Basil Plant 3 was treated with Oenosan by means of vaporising directly on the leafs.
  • Basil plant nr 4 was treated with Oenosan, directly mixed with the earth and soil in the pot.


We clearly see a difference in yield and leaves strength after a few day of observing.

On day 17 the pot nr 4, treated with oenosan directly in the soil mixture, started to flower. 

This is the fastest way to test Oenosan at home, at your shop or agricultural company. You will sea, smell and feel the difference. Also tasting your favorite herbs will convince you to use Oenosan as an organic fertilizer.