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The municipality of Damme uses oenosan

How to transplant trees with Oenosan

The municipality of Damme in Belgium is using Oenosan​ to transplant trees.

When it is the time of the year for new plantings or when we are in need to transplant trees, it is primordial not to have any los. Oenosan is the ideal partner to prevent this loss. How do we use Oenosan in this particular case? Oenosan is sprinkled directly on the root structure and thus provides a direct stimulus to the tree. Test cases from Oenosan and its customers shows us that the use of our organic lime fertilizer plays a crucial factor in the tree’s chance of survival. The municipality of Damme in Belgium has therefore been using Oenosan as a soil improver for many years.

Oenosan your partner for perfect growth

How and when to move trees with Oenosan calcium carbonate?

The best period is when the trees lose their leaves. So this is from October to December.

How do we use Oenosan to obtain the best results?

  • The day before we give the tree sufficient water.
  • When excavating, we ensure that the young roots remain intact so that they can fulfill their function in absorbing water and of course Oenosan.
  • Afterwards we pack the root ball firmly into root cloth or agricultural film.
  • When moving, we make sure that the trunk is not damaged. This is important!
  • We dig a planting hole with the correct depth. We are already applying a part of Oenosan lime fertilizer to the soil.
  • Then we spread the roots, put the tree in the planting hole and apply Oenosan again on the roots. In the pictures above you can see how this works. Then we fill in with the excavated earth and we tamp it down well. We use 200 gr of lime fertilizer per 100 L of soil. If in doubt, you can always download our user manual here.
  • Now we are going to water again.
  • To prevent damage, we anchor the tree firmly via tree poles. We then continue to water the tree regularly.
  • Done