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Oenosan’s lime fertilizer was specially developed for use in viticulture

How Oenosan benefits to the prosperity of winegrowers

Oenosan is taken from the Greek word ‘Oinos’, which means wine. Indeed, this ingenious lime fertilizer was specially developed for use in viticulture. Moreover, this substance is certified organic in Belgium by Certisys BE-BIO 001 and is also allowed in Dutch organic farming (see Skal website).
In principle, Oenosan is designed as a foliar fertilizer. The principle is simple: because the grain size is smaller than the diameter of the stomata, the root system is bypassed when nebulized. In this way, economies of scale are created in a very short time, which normally require a full vegetative cycle.

Oenosan your partner in organic fertilizer.

During the first treatment, the plant gets a boost in chlorophyll, which optimizes the photosynthesis thus the foliage becomes resilient and deep green. This results in a surplus of energy necessary to achieve a good harvest. Moreover, a buffer is also formed against unwanted visitors such as fungi and predators. After all, nature works according to the law of the weakest link: an intruder will always look for the weakest plant. Oenosan ensures that the vine can largely protect itself against… heat waves, insects, fungi…

Laboratory research in Greece on Agiogitiko grapes (Pinot Noir alike) has shown that the qualitative taste components such as antocians and polyphenols are much higher in treated plants. The grape also produces a fair amount of natural sulphite so that additional manipulation in the winemaking can be reduced to a minimum. At the moment there is a project on Chardonnay on the wine estate Sassenbroek in Borgloon (Be). In the difficult year of 2021, the six northern rows of vines at the bottom of the slope were treated with Oenosan. The result was astonishing. This exceptional harvest is vinified separately in order to arrive at conclusive conclusions.

Oenosan is easy to use, ecologically sound and safe. Due to the organic certificate, a spray license or protective clothing is not required. Any type of sprayer is eligible and the dose is minimal: 1.5g per liter of water. It is important that nebulization is done in the morning when the stomata are open. Due to the specific production process, it is strongly not recommended to mix Oenosan with other substances. After all, the product has been purely tested and every mixture will give rise to a ride into the unknown. In light of current political developments, it is important to mention that the raw materials for Oenosan do not come from a conflict zone and thus price stability can be guaranteed.

It is fantastic that Winegrowers of the North of Europe are including Oenosan in their members product purchase list. By doing this, years of experience on wine estates in France, Italy, South Africa and… Belgium can be shared. This can only benefit the growth and prosperity of winegrowers in the these countries.